What To Do About Skunks On Your New Jersey Property

skunk on grass

Skunks hanging out around your property can be a nightmare to deal with, as this pest puts both you and your pets at risk of being sprayed and left with this foul odor. To avoid negative consequences from a skunk invasion, you should contact New Jersey pest control at the first sign of this pest.

The Habits And Behaviors Of Skunks

While many people recognize skunks as stinky critters that tend to hang out around their property from time to time, not many people genuinely know the essentials of a skunk’s habits and behaviors. It will be easier to protect your property from this pest with this knowledge.

In general, skunks like to hide in empty areas under elevated sheds or crawl spaces because these areas are well hidden. Skunks are nocturnal, and you aren’t likely to see them out and about during the day. You may sight skunks from time to time on your property around dusk or find skunk tracks in the ground. They will also leave holes in the ground to dig for larvae to eat.

The Many Reasons You Don't Want Skunks Around Your Property

Skunks bring several problems to your property that surely you wouldn't want to handle. Review these reasons below and contact Heritage Pest Control at the first sign of a skunk problem to prevent these negatives:

  • Skunks can leave a foul odor around your property.
  • You, your pets, or your loved ones are at risk of being sprayed by a skunk if you accidentally happen upon their hiding place.
  • Skunks can destroy your yard by constantly digging for larvae and trampling flowers or other vegetation.
  • Skunks may carry rabies or other diseases transmitted through bites. They may also leave fleas, mites, and ticks around your property, posing additional health risks.

Four Natural Ways To Make Your Property Less Appealing To Skunks

Implementing these four natural prevention tactics against skunks is one of the best forms of controlling this pest and deterring future infestations: 

  1. Fill in holes in the ground that skunks may have left and keep the grass in your yard trimmed low. Also, remove debris, leaf litter, and infestations of pest insects that may attract skunks.
  2. Seal up access to crawl spaces or the underside of elevated sheds to prevent skunks from hiding in them.
  3. Cover trash cans with lids, ensure trash bags are sealed tightly and remove access to outdoor pet food and compost piles. This stops skunks from being attracted to the aroma and scavenging.
  4. Put bright lights on your property to keep the area illuminated at night, making it less desirable to skunks. Motion-sensor lights are a great, energy-saving option for this.

The Most Effective Wildlife Control For Your Property

You should be looking for a company with highly trained specialists and expertise in removing all kinds of pest problems when it comes to wildlife control. Fortunately, Heritage Pest Control is just the company you need to eradicate a skunk infestation. Our professionals at Heritage Pest Control will inspect your property for skunk problem areas. We will provide you with tailored treatment solutions that safely eliminate infestations of this pest, keeping your property protected year-round.

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