The Problems With Hornets In New Jersey

close up of a hornet
When you have a problem with hornets around your home in New Jersey, it can be difficult to enjoy yourself outside. Hornets are dangerous, and they can build their nests all over your house until eventually, they’ll find their way inside. At that point, you’ll be dealing with dangerous and often aggressive insects that can sting you in a place where you should feel safe!

There are steps you can take before these hornets take hold in your New Jersey home. When the hornets seem like they’re everywhere and internet DIYs look unsafe, a pest control company might be your best bet. Our team is a New Jersey pest control company that you can depend on to eliminate your pest problem. Keep reading to learn more about these flying home invaders.

Hornets vs. Wasps: How To Spot The Difference

Hornets and wasps are technically the same things, or more specifically, a hornet is a type of wasp. There are still ways to tell a hornet apart from the typical wasps. The three primary and most distinguishable differences are their size, shape, and sting. Here are the characteristics of a hornet:

  • A hornet can grow up to two inches, that’s an inch bigger than most wasps.
  • Hornets have a thicker center midsection than wasps.
  • A hornet sting can be far more painful, and in some cases deadly, compared to a wasp.

Between the types of wasps and hornets, you’ll realize that a hornet is more dangerous. Not to mention hornets are far more relentless, and they can be active at night too. 

Ways To Deter Hornets In New Jersey

There are a few different ways to keep hornets off your property and better protect your home. Prevent an infestation with these easily doable steps:

  • Keep your lawn well-maintained, hornets like cluttered landscaping to hide their nests.
  • Store your trash in bins and clean the containers every so often to avoid any odors.
  • Install screens on your doors and windows.
  • Remove any sweet foods or hummingbird feeders from around your yard.

One thing to keep in mind when attempting to rid yourself is not to use gasoline. It can create more problems than it solves. If the task of removing hornets from your yard becomes too daunting, do not attempt to remove them alone. Save yourself the hassle and call the pros.

What To Do If You Spot A Hornet Nest

When you come across a bee nest, you’ll find that the bees will leave you alone unless you actively harm it. A hornet’s nest will target you if you get within proximity and then attack in a way that can lead to the whole nest attacking you. If you come across a hornet’s nest, it is always best to keep your distance. 

Many people are even allergic to the sting of bees and hornets, to the point where without medical attention, it could prove to be fatal. These stings could cause your lungs to constrict and your throat to swell up. You can find their nests in the trees, around your roof, or on the ground around your landscaping. Use caution and leave it alone for a professional team to handle to avoid being hurt.

Does Professional Pest Control Help With Hornets?

Professional pest control services are the best route to take when dealing with hornets and wasps. Our team at Heritage Pest Control can provide you with affordable and efficient solutions that will rid your home of your pest problem. Our team at Heritage Pest Control has been around for over 30 years, and in that time, we have cleared many homes and commercial properties around the New Jersey area of their pest problems. 

You can count on us to go above and beyond what your solution needs. Our team at Heritage Pest Control can work together with you and develop a comprehensive plan to ensure that hornets are eradicated forever. Get the ball rolling today by reaching out to our team and scheduling an inspection.