Are The Spiders In New Jersey Dangerous?

spider on stucco

Spiders are predatory arachnids that have some similarities with ticks, scorpions, and other creepy pests. The body of a spider is divided into a cephalothorax and an abdomen; they have eight legs and are equipped with fangs called chelicerae. In nature, spiders benefit the environment by consuming, and thus reducing, the number of insects. The two most common types in this area include the brown recluse spider and the yellow sac spider. Although they have traditionally been portrayed in forms of entertainment as extremely dangerous, the vast majority of spider species are considered a nuisance primarily.

Understanding The Risks Posed By Spiders 

The majority of spiders have venom, but most of these toxins lack the strength to cause legitimate health concerns for humans. Both the brown recluse and black widow can inject a venom that may warrant prompt medical attention. Because spiders tend to remain in environments with ample food supplies, the presence of these creatures may indicate the home has plenty of insects. Spiders are commonly attracted to homes with bright exterior lighting that attracts swarming and flying insects at night. Consider installing special-colored bulbs that attract fewer insects in these fixtures.

Identifying The Venomous Types 

The brown recluse spider has six eyes and a dark “violin-like” marking on its body. They generally appear in shades of tan or brown with more lightly colored legs and no stripes or bands. The brown recluse usually will create webs that are partially shielded from views, such as behind objects rather than positioned at the front and center. Black widows are recognized by their orange or red “hourglass” shaped markings contrasting with their shiny black bodies. They are typically between three to ten millimeters long; however, some females are slightly longer. 

The Importance Of Contacting A Pest Control Professional 

Some property owners who spot a spider indoors will attempt to use sprays, powders, or granular formulas marketed as viable do-it-yourself options. Unfortunately, many of these products are merely able to achieve mediocre results that lead to further frustration. Many of these store-bought remedies might also contain harsh chemicals that create health concerns. 
When you consult with a professional pest exterminator, they can thoroughly inspect the premises to determine the type(s) of pests involved and their likely entry points. You can rest assured that the service will be performed according to the latest standards. 
The experts with Heritage Pest Control prioritize the safety of our customers and the local environment; therefore, we now use many of the leading organic and less invasive products and treatment methods. Many of these options have been recommended for their environmental safety by the New Jersey Pest Management Association and other agencies at the forefront of the pest control market. 

Licensed Pest Extermination Company In New Jersey 

Did you know that the professionals at Heritage Pest Control have been creating positive outcomes for customers struggling with pest-related problems for more than 30 years now? Part of our long-term strategy for success involves offering the highest-quality customer service in the industry. In addition to spiders, our specialists have the knowledge and tools to quickly eradicate intrusions by bed bugs, rodents, fleas, ticks, and many other unwanted creatures that may harm property and pose health risks. 
Property owners should consider the year-round protection plans now offered by Heritage Pest Control that involve triannual visits from an experienced technician and include a renewable one-year service guarantee. The plans offered now include our Silver, Gold, and Platinum Program levels based on the types of coverage needed. Contact our office today for an estimate.

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