What Is Integrated Pest Management?

rat in a cage

Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is a holistic approach to controlling insect and animal pests. Rather than wait for problems to occur, professional pest control companies that practice IPM, like Heritage Pest Control partner with home and business owners to control conditions that could attract and harbor pests before they invade properties.

IPM is a proactive, greener approach to pest control than the old-school approach. If insects or animal pests invade your home or business, extermination companies simply douse the building with potent chemicals. Today we know the risks those dangerous chemicals can pose to children, families, pets and business customers.

Innovative pest control companies like Heritage Pest Control now offer safe, green pest control solutions that effectively control pests without endangering your family, employees or customers. Used with Integrated Pest Management procedures, these green products provide the safest, most effective way to protect your family and business from harmful pests and the damage they cause.

IPM uses minimally invasive solutions to address structural, physical, and cultural conditions that may be attracting pests, providing harborage to pests, or allowing them an entry path into your home or business. Expert Heritage Pest Control professionals trained in IPM can identify potential problems and recommend solutions. To meet our client’s needs, Heritage Pest Control also offers Heritage Home Services so that we can perform needed repairs to keep pests out.

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