Squirrel Removal: Cute, Cuddly And Dangerous

squirrel on a house roof

Squirrels may be cute, entertaining to watch and may seem harmless at first, but they can cause a fair amount of damage if they get trapped in your home. From physical destruction to the spreading of nasty diseases, squirrels can pose threats to humans. As the winter months draw near, squirrels tend to force their way inside homes for shelter against the cold weather. They can slip in through holes, cracks, chimneys and corroding foundations.

Once they have settled in, they will quickly start wreaking havoc by damaging your home, especially objects and wires that they can gnaw on. Moreover, when one squirrel enters your home, it is often a prelude to several more of its kin cashing in on the free food and comfort. Soon, you will be facing a squirrel infestation, which can only be stopped by professional squirrel removal services.

Health Scare For Humans

For all the people living in the home, squirrel infestation can be a health hazard. As in the case of any other pest, feces can pose the threat of salmonella infection if humans handle it without practicing good hygiene. A few reports have even gone on to suggest that these pests can cause rabies to families, in which case seeking professional squirrel removal must be a top priority. Apart from these, it is common knowledge that squirrels carry fleas and ticks, which can spread several diseases. Ticks can cause tick fever in humans. The chances of such a problem are present even after squirrel removal, since ticks and fleas that are left behind may look for other living accommodations, which they can easily find in you or your pets.

Signs That Squirrels Are Inside Your Home

Look for the following signs to diagnose whether a squirrel is living rent-free in your home. If you have strong evidence, then rather than treating the problem yourself, seek professional squirrel removalĀ services.

  • Look closely for any chewed-out entry points in the form of cavities or holes. If you find such an area, you can be sure it is a squirrel, since they are expert gnawers.
  • Droppings can be commonly found in corners of your home, and dark and damp areas. Also, it is easy to find such droppings, since they are accompanied by foul odor.
  • If you find gnawed wooden furniture, chewed-up wires and cables, it is an obvious clue to pest infestation.
  • If you often hear scampering and rattling sounds during the daytime, from corners of your home, basement, or attic, you need a closer inspection. Since squirrels are active animals, they are mostly on the move.

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