The Benefits Of Year-Round Pest Control For Your New Jersey Home

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Are you at war against pests? Most homeowners are. It makes sense when you consider that the number of insects in the world, compared to humans, is 200 million to 1. It’s only natural for a few thousand to wander into our homes during the year. The question is, how are you going to stop them? Let’s find out right now.

Is DIY Pest Control An Option?

If you are a “do it yourself” type of person, you are likely to use Google first when dealing with pests. Typing in questions like, “How to deal with pests” or “natural ways to get rid of pests” you will find several “solutions”, many that just won’t cut it. Here’s why:

  • Natural Pest Control: There are many plant-based products that claim to repel pests, products such as cinnamon and lavender oil. Although the aroma of these oils is indeed repulsive to pests, applying the amounts needed around your home to keep pests away is pricy and inefficient. Certain smells also only work on certain pests. Even if you find success in keeping ants at bay, you may still have cockroaches and mice, unbothered by your natural remedies, looking to get inside.
  • Store-Bought Pest Control: Many store-bought pest control products offer 100% guarantees that they will kill and keep away pests. This just isn’t the case. Over-the-counter pest control is often unreliable and difficult to use properly. Filled with potentially dangerous chemicals, if you spray pesticides in the wrong places and/or in the wrong amounts, it can be harmful to anyone who comes in contact with it. The last thing you need is a trip to the vet because your pet licked something they shouldn’t have.
  • Snake Oils: Of course we are not talking about actual snake oils, but rather products that promise success but are just shams. If a pest control product you see on an infomercial seems ridiculous, it probably is. Yet many people waste hundreds of dollars each year trying product after product to get their home pest-free without success.

The Dangers Of Pests

Pests that invade homes are not just a nuisance. Many of them are dangerous to you, your family, and your pets. Any pest that walks over filth and then over your food and food preparation areas can be a threat. Rodents and cockroaches are prime examples of this. These pests prefer to live around greasy and filthy areas and are prone to eating rotting, dead, and diseased foods. They also enjoy scavenging your home's food and food surfaces late at night. Chewing into cardboard, these pests can contaminate entire boxes of cereal and other stored foods. Crawling over your freshly baked pie left on the counter, they can turn it into a recipe for disaster. Where filthy pests go, sickness follows. It is your job to keep these pests and their problems out of your home. Here is how we can help.

Our Pest Control

Here at Heritage Pest Control, we have one solution for all of your pest needs and it comes in the form of our Triannual Program. This program involves thorough inspections and detailed treatments of your property to combat a wide variety of dangerous, destructive, and nuisance pests. With only three scheduled visits a year, and full coverage between visits, this program is simple but effective. Unlike the thousands of “solutions,” you might find online, we are the one simple solution you can trust. Just ask any of our satisfied New Jersey customers.

To learn more about Heritage’s Triannual Programs, or to start your coverage, contact the pest professionals here at Heritage Pest Control today!

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