Decrease Pest Infestations By Decluttering Your Home

clutter in a house basement
Aside from the typical New Year’s resolutions of eating healthier and being more active, many people also vow to organize their lives. Clearing away the clutter boosts productivity, improves relationships, and reduces anxiety. Another major benefit to decluttering is a reduced risk of pest infestations.

Why Do Pests Find Clutter Appealing?

Clutter is commonly found in attics, basements, and garages, all places where pests like to hide. It’s not a coincidence. Pests look for places where they can survive, and to survive, they need shelter, food, and water. Cluttered attics and basements provide all three:

  • Shelter - Pests can hide in boxes and piles of old clothing for an extended period without you knowing. These areas also provide warmth, which is a bonus during the cold winter seasons
  • Food - Pests can find tiny food debris that you can't see through the clutter. If you keep piles of paper on your office floor and also have lunch at your desk, pests can find shelter and food in one place.
  • Water - Some parts of the home provide a fresh source of water through leaky pipes and other water sources. This is why it's a good idea to clean out cabinets from time to time and inspect all piping. 

What Type Of Pests Hide In Clutter?

Keep in mind that the more pest-friendly your home is, the more likely you are to have pest problems. If you have piles of clutter, crumbs on the floor, and holes in your screens, you are welcoming pests into your home with a giant “Come on in” sign. The most common pests to take you up on the offer are:

  • Mice and Rats. Mice and rats carry dozens of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. They chew through insulation, leave behind droppings, and spread bacteria.
  • Roaches. Roaches are commonly found near leaky water sources. They are known to cause allergy and asthma symptoms, especially in children.
  • Bed Bugs. If you buy things from secondhand stores and leave them around the home, you can invite bed bugs in.
  • Rodents. Other types of rodents can also make it into your home, chewing electrical wires and gnawing on your belongings. 

Start Decluttering With One Room

If you’re ready to start decluttering your home, start with one room. We recommend this article because it has several great tips to help make the process simpler. For example, the article mentions choosing a starting point and working systematically with one box at a time. It also suggests getting rid of large items so that you have a clean space to work in.

If you pull away boxes and notice signs of pest activity, call Heritage Pest Control for a free consultation. Our expert technicians will inspect the area and determine if you have a pest problem on your hands.

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