All About Silverfish

November 29, 2013

Silverfish may sound like a delicacy from a sushi menu, but the truth is far less pleasant. You might find these tiny, wingless insects invading your home in search of their own sustenance. The name comes from their shiny, scale-like appearance and wiggling motion. While silverfish can’t fly, they’re deceptively speedy which allows them to avoid detection. They reproduce quickly, so by the time you see one there are likely to be many more.

three silverfish crawling on a stack of books inside a new jersey home

Silverfish are nocturnal by nature and prefer areas of high humidity, making bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms some of their primary targets. Residential pest control experts note that sinks and bathtubs are most likely the first places these insects will be spotted.

The amount of damage these tiny pests can cause is remarkable. Carbohydrates are one of their primary food sources so they can quickly infest your food supply, even working their way into unopened packages. They like to feed on glue and can end up shredding books and wallpaper.

Do-it-yourself residential pest control is largely ineffective. It doesn’t target the nests and eggs, so while you may have some short-term relief the problem will eventually recur.

Our experienced pest control professionals at Heritage Pest Control can provide thorough, lasting treatments to deal with a silverfish infestation. If you’re in northern New Jersey and you need immediate assistance, reach out to us!

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