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an up close image of a yellow jacket that landed on the ground

How Dangerous Are Yellow Jackets In New Jersey?

August 13, 2021

Flying insects continually hover over people and startle them with their quick movements. It’s hard to have an outdoor event in peace because of them. That’s only the start of their trouble though. Should you be stung by one, the results can be dire. You may fall ill, develop a disease, or have contact with bacteria. ... Read More

a bed bug crawling on fabric

What Smells Will Keep Bed Bugs Away From My New Jersey Home?

July 15, 2021

No pest is innocent, and some are more detrimental than others. The unfavorable outcomes vary. You might have the structure of your New Jersey home irreparably damaged. Personal belongings may be broken or affected. A trip to the hospital may be needed if you’ve been stung, attacked, or exposed to an illness.... Read More

a yellow jacket on its nest

A Helpful Wasp Control Guide For New Jersey Property Owners

June 15, 2021

No matter which species of wasp you are dealing with, they can all be dangerous. That’s because wasps have large stingers which they can use to inflict painful stings. Moreover, unlike bees, wasps can sting more than one time, and, usually, they will sting several times in quick succession.... Read More

a cluter f pavement ant on a driveway

New Jersey's Helpful Guide To Pavement Ant

April 15, 2021

There are few things in this world less frustrating than ants. Not only are ants capable of biting, stinging, or otherwise injuring humans and pets, but they seem to be just underfoot practically all the time. But what about ants that don’t bite, sting, maim, or otherwise cause physical injuries?... Read More