a person sitting at a laptop in pompton lakes new jersey
a heritage pest control technician spraying for bugs inside a new jersey home

When Is The Best Time To Spray For Bugs

April 11, 2019

Pests increase when the temperatures warm up, either because they are breeding faster or waking up from dormancy. Now that we are seeing the first signs of spring here in New Jersey.... Read More

a cluttered basement inside of a west milford new jersey home

Decrease Pest Infestations By Decluttering Your Home

January 23, 2019

Clutter is commonly found in attics, basements, and garages, all places where pests like to hide. It’s not a coincidence. Pests look for places where they can survive, and to survive, they need shelter, food, and water.... Read More

a heritage pest control service technician inspecting a home in franklin lakes new jersey

How Pest Professionals Improve Quality Of Life

November 29, 2018

When pest professionals are called out, they don’t just gain control of the problem for the time being. They eradicate these pests and stop them from coming back so that individuals and families can live safely in their homes.... Read More

a group of mice eating cereal in a garfield new jersey home

Is It One Mouse Or An Infestation Of Mice?

November 19, 2018

Now that the temperatures in New Jersey are getting colder, small animals are looking for warmth. Mice need to find someplace warm to live until spring, which drives them into homes, attics, and garages.... Read More

a boxelder bug resting on a leaf in hackensack new jersey

5 Common Pests That Are Active In The Fall

October 29, 2018

Autumn in New Jersey is beautiful. Look outside your window and you’re bound to see trees full of color and lawns still vibrant and green. Behind the scenes, though, many pests are working overtime in preparation for the winter.... Read More

a mouse chewing on an electrical cord inside a home in caldwell new jersey

Is One Mouse A Cause For Concern?

August 22, 2018

Much of the information posted online regarding mice and rats is related to infestations. But, what happens if you see just one mouse scampering around your home? Is this a cause for concern, or is this a normal occurrence.... Read More

a family living in an apartment serviced by heritage pest control in paterson new jersey

Apartment Living And Pest Control

May 2, 2018

Not everyone is diligent about taking out their trash, keeping food in sealed containers, or inspecting luggage when returning from vacation. Unfortunately, once pests get into an apartment building, they are difficult to get rid of.... Read More