Make Sure Your Home Is Prepped For Termite Season In New Jersey

close up of a termite

Termites are one of the worst pests around. While they might not be dangerous like cockroaches or rodents, they are incredibly destructive to the point that they can destroy homes and even pose safety hazards. Termites in New Jersey are one of the most invasive and damaging pests you could encounter, and they aren’t easy to prevent or remove. However, this guide is here to help you learn all about termites, including termite season, and how to get effective pest control in Orange County to deter them.

When Is Termite Season In New Jersey?

Termites in New Jersey are active throughout the year. They can chew through wooden objects 24/7, and they don’t stop just because the weather gets cold or hot. However, there is a period when termites are most likely to be seen leaving the nest. This is known as termite season, when the termite swarmers leave the nest to reproduce and expand to new areas. This can occur from spring to fall. 

Termite swarmers can be identified by their long, thin bodies and wings. They look similar to flying ants and can be light brown to black depending on the specific species.

How Do I Know If My New Jersey Home Has Termites?

Termite season is when you have the highest chance of actually seeing termites around. Typically, termites don’t leave the nest, and it can be not easy to spot their presence. This is part of the reason why termites are so destructive. Since they are somewhat secretive and hidden, you might not even notice you have them at first. And, even during termite season, you might not see any termites at all.

The best way to catch termite infestations early on is with termite control services. The residential pest control experts at Heritage Pest Control provide termite inspections that are the most effective way to catch termite problems before they’ve done much damage.

What Does A Termite Infestation In New Jersey Look Like?

When a termite infestation is on your property, the damage doesn’t start to show up until a year or more into the process. This means that termites can damage your home for a while before you even notice any issue. Some of the main signs of termite destruction include:

  • Discovering termite frass around the property. This frass is termite droppings and looks like small wooden pellets and savings.
  • Finding that floorboards have started to squeak or buckle.
  • Seeing that doors and windows suddenly fit too tightly in their frames.
  • Noticing that the wallpaper and drywall seem to have water damage, but there’s no water source.

How Does Heritage Pest Control Get Rid Of Termites In New Jersey?

Once termites are inside a property, they are rather challenging to remove. The best way to eradicate them is with termite control from Heritage Pest Control. We can use specialized tools and treatments such as liquid and foam barriers. We also can help by inspecting your home for termites and providing termite prevention services. Find out more about residential pest control services that address termite problems by giving us a call today. You can also send us a message to request a quote or book a termite inspection. 

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