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Located in northern New Jersey and once known as West Bloomingdale, Butler is a community of hardworking individuals and determined spirits. Despite our motivated attitudes and growing community, we are still bombarded with new pest infestations each season. Heritage Pest Control has been servicing New Jersey residents for over two decades, and we always use products that are non-toxic to humans and safe for the environment. Keep your Butler property protected with the help of our trustworthy and dedicated pest control technicians on your side. To learn more about how we can help, contact us at Heritage Pest Control!

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Residential Pest Control In Butler, NJ

It’s safe to assume that you don’t want squirrels, rodents, ants, termites, and other common pest invaders staying on your Butler, NJ property. After all, each one of these pests is capable of causing problems in their own way, whether those problems are small nuisances or major health threats.

No matter what problems pests cause in your home, those problems still need to be dealt with properly. When it comes to invading pests, the best route you can take to keep pests off your residential property long-term is with year-round pest protection from Heritage Pest Control.

Our residential pest control services treat for rodents, insects, and wildlife pests of all types. Keep your property free of pest problems this year when you reach out to the pest technicians here at Heritage Pest Control!

Are Rodents In Butler, New Jersey Dangerous?

No matter where you live - Florida, South Dakota, or even here in Butler, New Jersey - finding a rodent rummaging around in your pantry when you get up for a midnight snack is a terrifying situation for anyone. However, are the fears many of us feel towards rodents rooted in anything substantial, or are they simply pests we fear due to popular rumors and unfounded worries? Unfortunately, rodents are not cuddly little creatures that want to share your home for the year, but In fact, they can be quite dangerous.

Rodents are common carriers of bacteria and pathogens that are known to cause serious illnesses in humans. On top of this, they are dangerous to your property! Mice and rats occasionally cause electrical shortages by chewing through wiring systems - which have started fires in rare cases. Here at Heritage Pest Control, we care about your health and protection just as much as you do. We offer year-round rodent control for Butler residents. Contact us to keep your property rodent-free all year long!

Commercial Pest Control Services In Butler, New Jersey

Owning a business is a dream for many Butler residents, which is why it’s understandable that you would do everything in your power to ensure the success and financial gain of your company. While Butler business owners often do an outstanding job at maintaining the productivity and efficiency of their commercial property in several areas, one of the needs business owners often neglect is their need for effective pest treatments. When you’re focused on the other aspects of running your Butler company, it can often be difficult to remember to secure a pest control plan for your property until after a pest infestation has already been established.

With quality commercial pest control services from Heritage Pest Control, you receive top-of-the-line products, care, and customer service. We use Integrated Pest Management methodology to keep your business protected from pests such as rodents, wildlife, termites, spiders, and several other Butler pests. If your company is under attack this year, reach out to Heritage Pest Control for the quality pest management you deserve.

Stinging Insect Prevention Tips For Butler, New Jersey Residents

If you were to make a list of all the pests you wouldn’t want to see around your property again, stinging insects are probably on that list. After all, wasps and bees are annoying, dangerous, and unpleasant to come into contact with, despite the fact that certain stinging insects (honey bees) are beneficial to the ecosystem.
If keeping these painfully irritating pests away from your Butler property is on your agenda this season, try following a few stinging insect prevention tips:

  • Try to avoid leaving food and drinks outside unattended.

  • After hosting an outdoor party, look around for any open soda cans or sauce bottles that may have been left out by mistake. Bring these items inside or throw them away.

  • Keep your trash bins sealed. This tip is also helpful for keeping away other common pests that are attracted to garbage.

  • Make sure stinging insects can't build their nests in your home by sealing off entrances such as loose vent covers, gaps in your exterior walls, and holes in your roofline.

At Heritage, we provide quality pest control treatments for pests of all shapes and sizes including stinging insects. Let our licensed team of pest experts handle your stinging insect problem this season, so you can focus on the other daily responsibilities of your Butler residence. Reach out to Heritage Pest Control for all your pest control solutions!


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