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With long stretching views of the Passaic River, the city of Garfield has a beautiful backdrop for residents to call home. The city is located within close proximity to New York City, making it an ideal location for individuals who commute and growing families. Garfield is also home to eclectic eateries of global backgrounds, stunning parks, good public schools, and every amenity that locals could need. With city living conditions and a large population, Garfield residents encounter pest problems throughout the year.

At Heritage Pest Control, we look to tackle pest problems with safe solutions and an unwavering commitment to our customers’ success. All of our Bergen County pest control services are customized to the properties that we treat and with EPA-approved insecticides and Integrated Pest Management, we look to remove pest problems and stop new issues from developing. With a team of state-licensed and thoroughly trained technicians ready to work with you, there’s no pest that we can’t tackle. For more information on professional pest control, contact us today. 

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Residential Pest Control In Garfield

When it comes to dealing with pests, there’s no solution more reliable than residential pest control from Heritage Pest Control. All of our services are customized to your specific needs and use EPA-approved products to protect your health in the process. Our state-licensed pest experts turn to integrated Pest Management in order to strive for instant relief and long-lasting results, and with bilingual services, we are there to support our customers’ every need. For more information on how we can protect your household from pests, contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Garfield

At Heritage Pest Control, we work hand in hand with businesses to develop customized commercial pest control programs that allow businesses to operate as usual. We turn to Integrated Pest Management and eco-friendly treatments so that we can protect the health of your employees, customers, and the environment while also working toward keeping pests from becoming an issue at any time of the year. Whether your needs revolve around termites, bed bugs, ants, spiders, or more, we can find a solution. For more information on commercial pest control, contact us today. 

An Effective Rodent Control Guide For Garfield Property Owners

Rodents are one of the most dangerous pests that Garfield property owners might encounter because of the health risks that they pose as well as the property damage that they can cause. Try these tips to keep them from becoming a problem:

  • Be sure that there are no trees or shrubs that come into contact with a property and trim back any trees, hedges, or plants that do, as rats can climb them in order to gain access to the inside.

  • Fill all openings that are at least the size of a dime with products like steel wool, wire mesh, sheet metal, silicone-based caulk, and weather stripping.

  • Keep doors and windows open cautiously, as rodents commonly enter properties because these areas are left unattended for extended periods of time.

  • Be conscientious about food in all of its forms, as this is one the biggest things that attracts rodents. This means keeping leftovers properly covered, doing the dishes routinely, cleaning up crumbs, and storing trash in a bin with a lid and taking it out before it piles up.

  • Look to reduce clutter as well by throwing out old magazines and newspapers as well as packaging materials.

  • Check for leaks regularly in places like gutters, pipes, and faucets, fixing them immediately. It’s also important to keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces aired out.

  • Contact a local pest professional to remove rodents as well as prevent them.

For more information on long-lasting rodent control, contact Heritage Pest Control today. 

Three Things Everyone In Garfield Should Know About Bed Bugs

With bed bugs being as prevalent as they are in Garfield, there are certain things that everyone should know about them. Three of the most important things are:

  • They’re crafty. Given their classification as a parasite, bed bugs primarily travel due to their ability to latch onto a host and go for a free ride. This also means that almost anything is up for grabs as a host, so always inspect used furniture and personal belongings, as bed bugs can be found anywhere.

  • They’re out for blood. A bed bug’s main priority is finding a host to feed off of and typically, this means feeding off of humans in their sleep. The result of this is often allergic reactions and itchy red bumps.

  • Professional assistance is necessary. These pests will live in the depths of upholstered items, which makes them hard to even spot, and because they only require one meal a week, residents rarely encounter them. Bed bug infestations are usually very larger than they appear as well and DIY methods are unreliable. The best way to get rid of them is with help from a pest professional.

At Heritage Pest Control, we tackle bed bugs with methods founded in Integrated Pest Management and EPA-approved products for maximum protection and minimal interruption. For more information on bed bug control, contact us today. 


How To Minimize Ants Around Your Garfield Homes

Homeowners may overlook small gaps, holes, or cracks in their property’s interior and exterior where ants can enter. These insects invade to raid garbage, crawl around kitchen pantries, or hide around plumbing and drains. It’s critical to schedule a home inspection to uncover places ants hide, build colonies, and travel throughout your home. Homeowners should find ways to seal entry points and have professionals apply products to eliminate ants and deter invasions.

Remove elements that attract ants to your home, like garbage stored in open containers, spilled sugary drinks, food crumbs, and clutter. An overgrown yard with long grass, untamed greenery, and piles of debris is a welcome mat for pests. Maintaining a clean, organized home and scheduling regular visits from a pest company for effective ant control is essential.

Heritage Pest Control knows ants can spread pathogens and rapidly multiply when they infest your property. Homeowners should remedy moisture problems and remove standing water and fix leaks.

Run a dehumidifier to dry out basements, attics, and laundry rooms and improve airflow. Replace wooden structural elements with signs of mold, mildew, rot, and decay, which makes a home easy prey for pests. A technician can help pinpoint areas homeowners need to fix or attractants that draw ants near.

Contact Heritage Pest Control to help with ants in Garfield.


Why Garfield Homeowners Need Professional Termite Control

Some pests, like termites, are incredibly tough to eliminate without professional-grade products and targeted solutions. These insects can build colonies between walls, under flooring, and in hard-to-reach places conventional products can’t cover. Scheduling a termite inspection with a dependable pest control company can help win the war against these insects. An inspection can uncover where to apply bait, liquid treatments, and other devices to eliminate termites in Garfield.

Homeowners may try to apply essential oils, create contraptions, or use conventional products to expel termites. However, it’s better to call a knowledgeable and experienced technician to eradicate these bugs for long-term results.

Besides trusting a termite infestation to local professionals, remove attractants that these pests love. They love moisture and may frequently invade if the following is a problem:

  • There is no barrier between the exterior of your home and where the property meets the neighboring soil and turf.
  • Vulnerable structural elements in your home have mold, fungi, decay, or moisture-related damage requiring repair or replacement.
  • You live in a home with structural elements that lack protective coatings or termite-repelling agents.
  • The yard is messy, with long grass, debris piles, and woodpiles about the property.

Don’t make it easy for termites to hang around your home and devour vital elements of your home. These insects will make pin-sized holes in walls, excavate tunnels, and leave behind discarded wings and termite frass as their calling card.

Call Heritage Pest Control for termite control and protect your property from these wood-destroying pests.


How Garfield Residents Can Protect Their Pets From Fleas

Your furry family members mean the world to you, so it hurts when they have a flea infestation that won’t go away easily. Even worse, fleas may jump from pets to humans, carpeting, and upholstered furniture and become a nuisance. When fleas are in your home, these critters cause itchy bites, spread disease-causing organisms, and are tough to eliminate without professional solutions. Residents should learn ways to deter fleas, protect their pets, and maintain a pest-free home.

Heritage Pest Control understands how difficult it is to tolerate a flea infestation harming pets and those who love them. Thankfully, medicated shampoos, flea collars, and regularly cleaning pet bedding and carpeting provide welcome relief. It’s crucial to schedule pest control treatments throughout the year to make your property less inviting to fleas.

When traveling to nearby wooded areas, try to stay on the path and avoid walking through high grass or dense greenery. Before entering your home, inspect your pets for signs of any unwanted hitchhiking bugs, brush their coats, and bathe them. During hot, humid months, be extra cautious about where your pet spends time outside and avoid wild animals and strays.

Keep your yard manicured, remove leaf piles and clippings, and eliminate standing water. Routinely apply a spray to deter fleas on your pet and treat them with an anti-flea shampoo. Don’t neglect to groom your beloved pet; regularly clean upholstered furniture and vacuum daily.

If you have a flea problem in Garfield, call Heritage Pest Control for the most effective flea control.


Wildlife Prevention Tips For Garfield Residents

When you live steps away from natural surroundings in a dwelling with hiding spots, food, and water, wildlife might stop by to pay a visit. Ants, roaches, mice, and rats aren’t the only pest disturbing residents; wildlife might try their luck at your property. These critters see an opportunity if windows and doors lack screens, pools are left uncovered, and yards are wild and neglected. Installing adequate barriers and applying effective products that deter unwanted visitors is incredibly helpful.

Frequently throw out trash and store it away from your house in containers with tight-fitting lids made of chew-proof materials. Although they may look adorable, never feed wild animals or leave unprotected food to lure them to your property. If you have bird feeders, hang them high.

Have a technician from Heritage Pest Control inspect your home to look for signs of entry around vents, chimneys, the roof, gutters, and overhangs. Add screens, covers, and other barriers to make it harder for critters to enter your property.

If you have a garden, promptly remove overripe or rotting fruit and veggies. Schedule pest control treatments to create barriers that deter wildlife from visiting.

Contact Heritage Pest Control for help with wildlife on your property.


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