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With just over 30,000 residents, the township of Livingston, NJ, boasts a strong culture of the arts, a great public school system, and plenty of recreational parks for those interested in outdoor activities. The human population has snowballed over the past several years. Unfortunately, this means that Essex County pest control needs have never been higher, as the pest population always thrives when humans do. Read on to learn how Heritage Pest Control can help your home and business stay pest-free year-round!

Residential Pest Control In Livingston

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When it comes to superior residential pest control services, look no further than Heritage Pest Control. We have over 30 years of experience with the pests that invade Livingston homes, and we continue to train our technicians on the latest methods and techniques to stay cutting edge. When you partner with us, you can choose from the following options:

  • Integrated Pest Management Green, or IPM Green: This plan takes an environmentally-friendly approach to your pest control.
  • Green First: This option uses even more eco-friendly treatment products.
  • All Green: For those that want to have as little carbon footprint as possible, we can use all green and eco-friendly treatments for the entirety of your treatment plan.

Our residential pest control plans deal with whatever infestation you might have. We take pride in our ability to quickly and efficiently solve your pest control problems while remaining environmentally conscious. Call us today if pests have invaded your living space.

Commercial Pest Control In Livingston 

As fellow business owners, we understand how much work it takes to keep operations running smoothly. When pests invade, your life can quickly turn into a public relations nightmare, and the health of your employees and patrons could be affected. That's why Heritage Pest Control offers complete commercial pest control services to the following types of Livingston businesses:

  • Office buildings
  • Hotels and motels
  • Schools and educational facilities
  • Storage buildings and warehouses
  • Property management
  • Nursing homes

Our commercial pest control services efficiently treat your establishment with the safest, most advanced techniques and products available. If pests are throwing a wrench in your operations, let us help you get it running again. Call us today!

How Spiders Break Into Livingston Homes During The Summer 

Whether they're dangerous spiders or the common house spider, no one wants to find these arachnids in their home. Below are some of the ways spiders might be getting inside your home:

  • Holes: Even the tiniest holes in your window screens and sides of your house will grant access to spiders.
  • Leaky pipes and faucets: Some common house spiders are attracted to water and moisture buildup in the air. Any leaky plumbing makes your bathroom and basement especially appealing.
  • Firewood: If you are storing firewood close to your home, this will make it easier for spiders to crawl along the sidings of your house and find entry points.
  • Lighting: Spiders are attracted to lights. Having exterior lighting on your home can unintentionally attract spiders, and having them so close to your doors will allow them to sneak in relatively quickly.

At Heritage Pest Control, we specialize in identifying why you have a spider problem and then implementing the most effective prevention strategies to keep them from returning. Call us right away if you don't want to share your home with the arachnids this summer.

So, You've Discovered Your Livingston Home Has Bed Bugs: Now What?

Bed bug control is essential for Livingston homes. If you are unfortunate enough to notice an infestation, below are some things you should do:

  • Call Heritage Pest Control for assistance: Our technicians have the skills and tools needed to exterminate these pests in their entirety.
  • Vacuum: up your house: Vacuum around your bed and other furniture to suck up any adult bed bugs.
  • Wash your clothes and bedding: Make sure to use hot water to kill any bed bugs in the linens.

Effective bed bug control can only come from professional-grade tools and techniques. Over-the-counter methods are not as thorough or strong enough to do the job right. If bed bugs disrupt your beauty sleep, don't waste another night. Contact us today for a quote. 


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