Effective & Affordable Pest Control Services For Montville, New Jersey

The beautiful township of Montville is located in Morris County, New Jersey. Our area is a delightful location to visit, and an even nicer place to live. However, we are not exempt from the struggle of pest frustrations in our homes and businesses. Pests such as mice, squirrels, stinging insects, termites, bed bugs, and ants are just as common here in Montville as they are in other areas, which is why pest control is so important for Montville properties. If pests are bothering you this year, there’s no one better to call than the pest experts here at Heritage Pest Control. With several years of pest control experience, we have what it takes to keep your home or business 100% protected from pests.

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Residential Pest Control In Montville, NJ

With a wide range of residential pest control options and programs, you’d be hard-pressed to find a pest control provider in Montville that is as dedicated and professional as Heritage Pest Control. Our professional home pest control programs go above and beyond to ensure that your property gets just what it needs to remain completely pest-free all year round.

For Montville homes, we offer four effective residential pest control plans. Our programs include our Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus pest control plans - each of which covers different levels of pest problems. Choose our Green First Program if you want to start with Green products before attempting to use traditional pest products. If you want only Green treatments to be used on your property, we recommend going with our All Green Program.

With Heritage Pest Control, you get exactly what you need for a pest-free home all year long. Contact the pest professionals here at Heritage Pest Control to keep your Montville home protected from pest invaders!

Tips To Avoid Fleas In Montville, New Jersey

Fleas are small pests that many Montville residents make the mistake of believing only pet owners deal with. In reality, fleas are pests that many properties deal with even when no pets are ever present! These small blood-feeders use their strong legs to leap onto hosts and get away from threats. Once these parasitic insects invade your Montville property, they become difficult to get rid of, due to their small size and fast reproductive rate.

To avoid fleas this year, consider the following flea prevention tips:

  • If you own pets, check their fur for fleas on a regular basis, especially after they have been outdoors.

  • Equip any pets you own with flea and tick collars.

  • If you don’t own pets and you find fleas on your property, understand that their presence is often an indicator of another underlying pest problem.

  • Seal any exterior entrance points that pest animals may use to invade your home, bringing fleas with them. Points of entry may include torn window screens, cracks in your foundation, holes made for utilities, and gaps in your exterior walls.

Heritage Pest Control takes care of pest problems caused by a variety of pests, including fleas. If you’re finding fleas on your Montville property this year, contact the pest technicians here at Heritage Pest Control for all your pest control needs!

Commercial Pest Control In Montville, New Jersey

In addition to the fact that Heritage Pest Control has been providing reliable, efficient services for communities all over New Jersey since 1989, what are some other reasons Heritage is right for your business? Well, we’re here to tell you just what services we provide for businesses in Montville and how our programs can benefit your company.

Some of the benefits you’ll receive here at Heritage Pest Control include:

  • Educated pest technicians, some of which are bilingual

  • EPA-approved products

  • Integrated Pest Management

  • Humane trapping resources

  • Green service options

Here at Heritage Pest Control, we understand that each business industry and each business building within that business industry has its own pest problems and unique needs. We provide comprehensive and professional commercial pest control options to fit the exact needs of your business establishment. Reach out to Heritage Pest Control and secure the pest protection your Montville business property deserves!

Problems Wildlife Cause In Montville, New Jersey

When you’re out in nature observing all the beautiful things the natural world has to offer, seeing wildlife can be a fascinating and even fun experience. When you start seeing wildlife creatures invading your home or business, however, the awe and fascination you felt while watching them outdoors can quickly turn to dismay.

Raccoons, opossums, squirrels, skunks, and other wildlife pests are known for causing problems for Montville residents. No matter how cute and fuzzy they appear to be, these wildlife pests can actually be quite dangerous when threatened, and should always be left to the professionals. When it comes to problems these pests cause, it often depends on which pest is invading, and where they have invaded. Raccoons, for example, are quite large pest animals that can damage your home extensively in a matter of a few weeks! Torn up shingling, holes in your roofline, gnawed wires, damaged piping, and shredded personal items are all possibilities of damage that wildlife pests may do to your property.

However, the good news is that you’re not alone. Here at Heritage Pest Control, we offer a variety of wildlife control services to Montville residents to control pests of all shapes and sizes. Our pest technicians are trained to properly remove wildlife pests from your property, quickly and humanely. Avoid the problems wildlife creatures cause in Montville homes with a comprehensive pest control plan from Heritage Pest Control! To find out more about our pest control service options, contact Heritage Pest Control today!


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